Sara's Cooking Class: Garlic, Pepper, Shrimp Game

Sara's Cooking Class Garlic Pepper Shrimp:Food for Diners with Taste

Follow Sara's fabulous recipe as she teaches you how to prepare and cook the most fabulous garlic pepper shrimp! Lovers of tasty food recipes along with time management fans will really appreciate this great game that gives hours of fun plus enjoyment while being easy in terms of clear concise instruction.

The start of the game has a chopping board ready and waiting for you to start the food preparation. At the top of the screen along with Sarah you will see all the things you need to dice the vegetables. Just drag and place your onion onto the board, slice it with the knife using strokes from left to right across the green arrow, dice then drag the onion over to the bowl. When this is done your next ingredient will appear on the board.

The same process repeats for all the ingredients from chopping your onion to crushing the garlic ans so on.Of course all the time you are being monitored so your score depends on how speedy you chop or dice your ingredients. Throughout the game the same rules apply in terms of cooking and serving the food, just follow the instructions so you cannot go wrong.

The graphics in Sarahs Cooking Class are really good being colourful while quirky. All the inredients are very lifelike while the finished product looks good enough to eat! There aren't so many levels so as to feel overpowered but there are sufficient to keep you playing for hours. You can replay the game over and over to increase your speed so increasing your overall score while you play along to the very quirky background music. As a cooking game Girls Go Games have produced a fantastic series of cooking games featuring Sara with a whole range of food's to prepare and cook. We'd fully recommend checking out more from Sara if you liked this one.