Popcorn Time Game

Popcorn Time: Put The Pop Into Corn in Grandpa's Popcorn Shop

I always loved buying those microwave bags of uncooked popcorn, placing them into the cooker and listening for that delicious popping sound as the corn inflated as it heated. Now lovers of time management games who love to eat popcorn have the chance to play Paris a cute girl who is working in her grandpa's popcorn stall helping him make money while cooking mouthwatering crunchy popcorn. Grandpa hit hard times when there was a film distributor strike so Paris wants to help him build up the business once again.

The game is similar to others of this genre as you have to serve the customers quickly while keeping them happy.Serve them with an incorrect order and your customer will leave dissatisfied and not pay for their food. You have a specific monetary target to reach by the end of the day so tht you can progress in the game. Should you not achieve the target you will have to replay the level until you do.

The game begins as you go to the kitchen to prepare the popcorn. It is the drag and drop method that is used so you begin by putting the oil in the pot followed by the corn then the salt. When you have done this turn on the popcorn machine, make the popcorn then serve it to your customer.You will soon have a queue forming if you don't move quickly.

There are a variety of customers in Girl Games Palaza's Popcorn Time. I especially liked the little boy as he had a very cute face that had a great big smile on it every time he came onto the screen. The graphics are very colourful and cartoon like plus there is a pleasant soundtrack befitting the games subject matter. If you enjoy cooking against the clock plus have a few hours to spare give this game a go.