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Fun and Frenzied Combos with Pizza Chef 2

It is not often that we find casual games that combine both a good storyline with impressive gameplay, and Pizza Chef 2 has both. Following on the success of the original Pizza Chef, game developers Play Age has come back with a sequel that does more than improve on the original, it surpasses the genre.

The pizza cooking game opens with an impressive narrative (backed by some pretty stylish use of limited-frame animations) to provide the otherwise bright and cheery game with a slightly deeper and darker story backdrop. Not quite the combination you would expect, but the story has charm and it does not detract from the gameplay at all despite the fact that its mood is so different from everything else you wind find in Pizza Chef 2.


Pizza Chef 2 opens with a narrative worthy of some of the point and click mystery-adventure games. The scene is quite dramatic as well; from the dark and rainy outdoors to the dim lights of the indoors, it pretty much starts out looking like some noir film. The original chef from the first game arrives, only to get his things and leave before first light of the morning for some reason he could not disclose yet. By this point, we learn that the chef has managed to become quite successful in the previous game is supposed to be opening a new branch the following day.

Certainly interesting, as players now have to let go of the old lead character and be in control of the new protagonist: Chris, the Chef's niece. She wakes up all excited about the opening of the pizza café that she and her uncle had been preparing for only to find that she is going to be handling everything alone.

Okay, at this point we feel obliged to give a quick spoiler warning, but since this bit of information pops up within the first couple of stages, it will hardly surprise anyone. Apparently, Uncle Chef has managed to create what appears to be the ultimate pizza recipe and is now the target of mysterious individuals that seek to steal his secret. It is not just the old man's paranoia either; a later scene will show us that spooky men really are after the recipe and are keeping surveillance over Chris' store as well. At this point, we cannot help but feel for the troubles that Uncle is going through. Despite his predicament, he still manages to provide Chris with helpful tips on running the pizza shop -which is a big thing considering that he should be hiding himself away from thugs of some mysterious organization.

We certainly did not expect quite a grand treat in terms of story for this game, but it is definitely a welcome surprise. Our only problem is that there is no fast forward option for the dialogue (which takes a little too slow to load for fast readers). Since the only other option is to skip the scenes entirely, we still recommend that players take the time to watch the narratives as a whole.


Plenty has improved with Pizza Chef 2 in terms of graphics. The old rough art and blotchy choice of colors for the first game has been completely revamped. The store not looks pretty spiffy (the blues have subdued and a lot of contrasting elements have been added to the overall composition). The character artwork has also become something that we truly approve of. Chris' character is not only well detailed, but quite nicely rendered as well. The way that the shadows and highlights are shown in the skin and hair of the characters give further life to the already impressive looking game.

The animations are on a whole other level as well. As we mentioned, the opening narrative is quite dramatic to watch. Slow dialogue texts aside, it was quite moving to see the way that the scenes were drawn and lighted. Despite the bright and cheerful fun of the actual game, there was something that hinted at a darker and more sinister story happening outside of Chris' awareness. To say the very least, this game has effective storytelling features.

Once again, the devs of Pizza Chef 2 show that they know good music -which contrasts between the fun and groovy approach of the main game to the suspenseful and altogether heavy atmosphere of the narrative scenarios.


pizza chef 2 game play

The original Pizza Chef series was criticized for its generic sounding match-3 category, and we certainly understand the predisposition from players who have had plenty of experience with other games. But this game series is so much more than that. The original had plenty of dynamic puzzle features that kept players on their toes -this sequel is no different, and provides us with so much more.

It is only in the early stages of this title that players are forced to resort with manual matching techniques. As the game progresses, players will start planning less on the icon placements and concentrate more on making chain combinations and making proper use of power-ups.

The strategy overview for Pizza Chef's later and more difficult stages consist of three basic phases, the start, mid and closing stages. For the start - which lasts usually less than a minute, a player simply needs to concentrate on making several matches one after another. Forget placing orders on the grill, just rack up enough combos to get bombs appearing on screen.

At this point the mid game, the longest and most important part, kicks in. Make use of the bombed areas to cook the orders and make more combos on the sides, this will keep your supplies of bombs running high and hopefully, get you volt and token icons. At this point, players have two game possibilities: high bomb population grids will mean that you can cook and ignite bombs at will. For grids that have low combo yields, pray that you are able to charge up the battery fast enough to activate the whole screen. For the placement of orders, make sure to bolt the irregular pieces together (bombs will open up large patches to use) in order to acquire a huge placement bonus and also, a quick cooking combo as well.

The closing game starts once the restaurant closes its doors and no new customers come in. Make sure that you do not touch the last cup of coffee (the coffee bonus is bigger than most full rating tips), and to keep as many grid spots open for as long as possible since the game will reward you for every activated portion.

Choosing your upgrades is as easy as the first game. Stick to high-paying recipes -get the first two, then save up for the 45$ recipe. The battery is the best thing to upgrade, lower the required volts first then increase the duration of the cooking time. Upgrading the stove is better for players who are great at making combos; those who make more money on tips will want to upgrade the decors instead.

Every few stages, Pizza Chef 2 will provide players will a quick intermission mini game -one is a fit-the-orders into a set shape puzzle (which is like a block-type tangram puzzle), and another is a missing objects game. Both are quite easy to accomplish easily which means that players get a nice chance of receiving a high time bonus award at the end of the mini game.

The Verdict:

Pizza Chef 2's combo mechanics is one of the most impressive systems we have seen on a casual game. It manages to combine fun and challenge with the task of juggling between making use of the irregular order shapes, being able to place many orders on the grid consecutively and keeping enough active stove spots open. The story delivery on the other hand provides a quick change of pace and mood with a narrative that players will certainly appreciate. We give this pizza cooking game of epic delicious proportions a hiding uncle's 89/100.

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