Papa's Pizzeria Game

Papa's Pizzeria: Pizza Madness in a casual nutshell

Papa is back with Flipline Games latest edition in the time management/cooking series and once more he is looking to serve loads of hungry and demanding customers. If you have ever wanted to know what it was like to run a pizza joint then this game should surely be your first port of call.

This is not your usual time management game as there are generally far more tasks to cover. For example rather than the pizza toppings appearing on top of the pizzas by the click of a button , you actually have to dress the pizzas yourself. This makes the game far more interesting and challenging.

You have four work stations to make your way through as you prepare the food. The first is the station where you take the order from the customer. The second the station where you put the topping on the pizza. The third is the station where you bake the pizza while the fourth is the station where you slice the pizza into segments.

Taking the order is pretty straight forward as you just wait for the customer to come to the counter. Topping the pizza is more involved as you drag and drop the toppings according to what the customer ordered plus place them on the part of the pizza he specifies. At the baking station you wait for the pizza to cook and judge correctly when it is ready, while slicing the pizza has to also be done according to the wishes of the customer. This is done by drawing lines across the pizza so slicing it. The time it takes to do all this is crucial as it effects how big a tip you will earn from the customer.

The game steadily gets more frantic as pizzas become ready. The timing must be watched so that you don't linger on one pizza too long leaving the next batch to burn. Its all great fun so will keep you enthralled for hours. The graphics are excellent plus the soundtrack is amusing and quirky. All you time management fans out there will definitely count Papas Pizzeria as one of your favourite cooking diner games.