Papa's Freezeria Game

Papas Freezeria: Desserts never looked so good.

Papa is never one to let the grass grow so here he is thinking to the future by expanding his business to include delicious desserts. Once again all you time management fans will be riveted as you strive to create wonderful desserts for very demanding customers on a tropical island.

You can select either Penny or Alberto to play the game following them from station to station namely The order station where the customer tells you which dessert he wants The build station where you fill up the cup of their choice The mix station where you blend everything together The top station where you top it all off.

Next you will be scored and as with all games the better the score the more generous the tip. These great tips once gained continue to be given by customers as they visit the freezeria time and again. You will also be allowed to use you entrepeneurial skiils in the freezeria something that has not happened in previous games. When you buy your upgrades in other games you place them throughout the diner to enhance and improve your score. In Papas Freezeria you can actually sell your wall space to the highest bidder so they can display their own adverts its a great idea plus a fun money spinner.

Another fun addition is at the build station where a timed pour button has been installed. You have to pour your ingredients against the clock or in this case against a moving indicator bar where you need to finish pouring in the green section to not run out of time.You earn extra tips for doing this plus the earlier you achieve it in the green area the better. Its amazing!

This game is a refreshing change in that you get to create marvellous desserts for very fussy but interesting customers. The game makes you want to head straight for the freezer to grab delicious ice cream or a super fruity ice lolly. The graphics are as ever fantastic along with the backing track making Papas Freezeria a real tropical treat.