Cooking Mama Kills Animals Game

Cooking Mama Turns Barbaric Towards Her Fresh Produce!

Welcome to Mama's restaurant where you will learn cooking skills in the homely tradition by following the guiding hand of Mama who will score you as you progress throughout. Learn to cook starters, main courses and desserts that will delight your customers so that you can progress in the game. Lovers of good food along with time management enthusiasts will have hours of fun playing Cooking Mama.

The game starts when you open the cookery book to select a recipe. All the recipes are displayed under their relative section. For instance drinks, mains, entrees so its easy to follow. You have to buy the ingredients you need while once done you then click on cook and off you go.You are scored on how quickly you complete each step in the recipe. You can be awarded anything from 1 to 100 depending on how you are judged. The completed recipe also receives points for experience and quality. The better the quality the higher the level the recipe will gain so earning you more money.

Learning to cook is great fun as you slice, dice, stir and fry your way through over seventy delicious recipes plus there are plenty of mini games to progress through. At the top of the screen you will notice your hungry diners who each require a certain meal. You need to satisfy this customer requirement to gain bonus experience. As you play, your menu will gain in dishes, up to 12 in total. Dishes you create can be on your menu for up to one full day while one dish cooked equals one energy point earned.

The graphics in this game are superb being very colourful while cartoon like in appearance. The screen is split level as you find yourself cooking in the bottom half of it while Mama supervises from the top half. I particularily liked Mama's face as it changed from a sweet smile when she was pleased to a grim disgruntled look when she wasn't. The music is fun and quirky as well as great sound effects such as frying sounds coming from the pans or dicing and slicing sounds as you chop. Peta have produced an ironic game to help promote the ethical treatment of animals and we happen to like their sense of humour to go with their passion towards this wordly issue.