Cooking Mama 3 Game: Nintedo DS

play Cooking Mama 3 game
  • Earn bronze, silver, and gold medals from Mama based on the quality of your cooking.
  • Use the stylus as your ultimate cooking utensil to chop, grate, slice, stir, spread, sprinkle, roll, and much more in over 200 different mini-games.
  • Create 80 new recipes including: chili con carne, mushroom quiche, Eggs Benedict, tulip chicken, pumpkin gnocchi, and many more.
  • Six gameplay modes including old favorites and new additions to the series.
  • Recipes progress from simple to complex, from small to large dishes, so do your best to meet Mama's expectations and impress your friends.

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Cooking Mama 3: game play

Cooking Mama 3: Many More Recipes to Learn

Korean Barbecue

Mama would really like it if you could make a perfect Korean Barbecue.

This recipe doesn’t take a long time to cook and it only has three stages in total.  You can become very good at it in no time.  Here is how to make it:

Step 1: Cut the meat with a Slicer!

You need to move the slicer at the correct time so that you can add the meat to the plate.  If any of your meat falls off, all you have to do is place it back on the plate again. 

Tip:  If you cut the meat when the plate moves to the middle of the circle you are more likely to catch it.  You have to be really fast though or the plate will move away very quickly and your beef slices will end up on the floor.  You do have the option to pick them up off the floor without losing any points. 

Step 2: Cut the vegetables and put then inside the bowl!

You must chop the sweet potatoes, onions and carrots into the same lengths that have been indicated.  If the lengths differ then they will not fit inside the bowl. 

Tip: When you slice all the vegetables you must move the pen off the screen for a brief moment after each slice.  If you don’t do this then the knife will stay static in one position and will not move, which is a real waste of your precious time. 

Step 3: Grill the food!

You must grill all the food that is ordered and put it on the plate that is given to you.  Make sure that you don’t over grill the meat because you don’t want it to burn.

Tip: try to keep three items on the grill at the same time as this will stop you from over and undercooking any of the food items.  This strategy saves you a lot of time and earns you extra bonuses. 

Recipe Summary

The Korean barbecue is a very popular dish in Korea and isn’t difficult to make.  The beef is sliced thinly and it has a smoky and sweet taste when it is grilled or roasted.  It is very appetising when you have it with all your vegetables, including stir fries.  Mama will be able to use this dish in anything she wants like sushi rolls or noodles that are stir fried. She is looking forward to sampling this recipe.

Vongole Bianco

Mama wants to know if you can make a scrumptious Vongole Bianco.

Here is how to make it:

Step 1: Weigh the Pasta!

You must memorise the number of times and the amount of pasta Mama tells you to weigh out.

This task is really simple; it just involves some basic maths.

Step 2: Boil all the Pasta!

You must touch the chopsticks and use your own hands to check how well the noodles are cooking.  If you overcook them, they will fall apart.

Tip:  This task is a bit trickier and needs some more clarification from Nintendo.   We had to practice this around 3 or 4 times before we got reasonably good at it.  Let the pasta boil for around 15 seconds to begin with before you check it.  Don’t be tempted to touch the chopsticks too frequently because the pasta will not boil.  You should check the pasta around 4 times in total. 

Step 3: Put the pasta in the strainer!

Tilt the pan until all the pasta pours out into the strainer.  Do this carefully and don’t allow the pasta to spill out.

Tip: Tilt the pan gently to a 90 degree angle to start off with until the water starts pouring into the strainer.   Then tilt it by a further 90 degrees for the rest of the task.

Step 4: Finely chop the ingredients!

You must touch the knife in order to cut all the ingredients. 

Tip: you can do this task very quickly; it does not require any further tips.

Step 5: Simmer it inside the wine!

You must touch the switch to begin with, and then lift the lid of the pan off.  Turn the heat off after all the shells have opened up. 

Tip: try not to lift the lid too often because it slows your cooking down.  Checking every 10 to 15 seconds should be sufficient enough.

Step 6: Lightly stir fry the food!

You must toss the frying pan upwards and downwards to stir fry it by following the arrow.  Do not burn anything.

Tip: Toss the pan up and down continuously (follow the arrows) or else all your food will burn very quickly.

Recipe Summary

This basic recipe is Italian and it’s fairly easy to make, although some of the stages need a bit more clarification and might take you some time to grasp.   It’s not a heavy dish and Mama would enjoy your cooked Vongole Bianco in the summer months.  Make sure that you don’t lose any of the flavours when you splash out fresh clams.

Fried Shrimp

Mama is very eager to find out if you can make some succulent fried shrimps. 

Here is how to make them:

Step 1: Clean all the shrimps!

You must move the stylus given to you in the same direction as the arrow to prepare the shrimp.

Tip: you will not go wrong if you follow the arrow.  You can clean the shrimps quicker if you’re precise.

Step 2: Add the salt and pepper! 

You must touch the pepper and salt shakers and season the shrimp so that the top gauge stops in the centre.

Tip: we feel that this task needs some further clarification from Nintendo.

Step 3: Break the egg gently!

You must touch the edge of the bowl when it is specified on the top of the screen so that you can break the egg. 

Tip:: you have to be really precise when breaking the egg and tap the bowl gently.  The egg will just break on the surface if you are too forceful.  Three taps are sufficient.

Step 4: Make the eggs frothy!

You must flick the stylus as suggested so that you can build up some froth without allowing it splash.

Tip:: remove the pen off the screen for a brief moment each time you flick, it will froth a lot quicker.

Step 5: Grate it!

You must move the bread from right to left in order to grate it.  Tap the box to unblock the grater if you find that you are slowing down.

Tip:: grate as fast as you can – the quicker the better.  This is one task that you can finish really quickly and earn a good bonus.

Step 6: Cover it!

You must touch the screen to coat the shrimps with flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs.

Tip:: Follow this exact order.

Step 7: Deep fry the shrimps!

You must put each shrimp inside the pot until it floats.  Move it onto the dish as soon as the colour changes.

Tip: wait for the arrow to show before you move the first shrimp otherwise it will just burn away.  Move the rest of the shrimps carefully because they might end up falling onto the cooker or on the floor.  If you take all the shrimps out using the angle that the first arrow shows you then you should be fine.

Recipe Summary

This effortless Fried shrimp recipe is an Asian dish and is really popular in Japan, China and South Korea.  It is made with bread crumbs and a thin tempura-styled egg batter prior to being fried in order to extract the chomp.  Mama will be able to try your well-seasoned fried shrimps with some potato wedges or a fresh salad. 


Mama wants you to do an excellent job when making this dish.

Here is how to make it:

Step 1: Break an egg!

You must tap the egg on the bowl so that you can break it.  Your job is to drop it into the bowl without spilling it.

Tip: tap the egg three times in the exact spot that is shown to you and then move the egg into the bowl the fourth time round.  You will not make any mistakes if you apply this strategy.

Step 2: Use the scale!

You must touch the icon to add the ingredients up to the stipulated weight.  The ingredients are: white flour, butter, sugar and pancake mix. 

Tip:: don’t get too carried away by adding too much of any ingredient because this task will end automatically if you do so.

Step 3: Mix it with the spatula!

You must touch the specified point, and then mix the ingredients at the same speed as the spatula.

Tip: You will lose your positioning if you mix too quickly.  The key here is to touch the spot quickly and follow the spatula around very carefully.  The speed changes intermittently, which makes this task a lot more challenging.  It starts off fairly slow and gradually speeds up.  As soon as you build up some momentum, things start slowing down again.  This is when you tend to lose your spot.  You can’t become complacent during this task.

Step 4: Bake the Baumkuchen!

You must trace the arrow when it appears so that you can pour on more batter.  You have to move swiftly or it will burn.

Tip: we feel that this task needs further clarification from Nintendo.

Step 5: Cut it up!

You must touch the knife when it is aligned with the line so that you can start chopping.

Tip:: You can chop things up as fast as you want to.

Recipe Summary

Baumkuchen is a 20 layer German cake and mostly eaten as a dessert.  It is not a very straightforward recipe and by tradition is known as the king of cakes.  You make it on a skewer and brush on layers of batter evenly and then rotate the skewer around some kind of heat supply underneath.  Every layer has to go brown prior to another layer being poured.  This recipe requires a lot of patience and skill and Mama will be totally electrified if you are successful at making this dish.  You will see the sheer delight in her eyes.  Making a Baumkuchen will keep up occupied on a drizzly afternoon, when you’ve lost all your interest in crayons.  Be persistent with this recipe and you will see the results. 


You are awarded gold, silver or bronze medal that gets attached to your recipe after you finished making the dish.  The gold medal means that you completed the tasks very well and within the allocated time, therefore, you deserve a bonus – i.e. a new recipe.  The silver coin means that you performed well; however, you made a few mistakes, so you won’t get as many bonuses.  The bronze medal means that you don’t earn any bonuses and you need to practice the recipe a bit more.

Cooking Mama will tell you how many bonuses you got after you receive your results.  You will be asked to rub out one of the three plates presented to you so that your bonus can be revealed to you.  The bonuses are usually new cooking items or recipes depending on how well you performed.

Finally, you can save your recipes in your diary if you want.  If you’re not happy with your score, then just practice the recipe a bit more and have another go.  You can always delay saving your recipe until you’re completely satisfied with your overall results.

Cooking Mama 3: Overall Game Summary

Girls will love this game! It’s so much fun and educational at the same time.  Furthermore, you have the option to play on your own or with other friends.  It probably worth showing off your cooking skills to other people after you becomes good at cooking all the different dishes.

This is a fun and exciting game to play.  The good thing about this game is that it really doesn’t matter if you mess up, you can always try the recipe again.  You will probably find certain cooking tasks easier than other ones, and they get slightly harder as you progress through the recipe.  For instance, we found the final step (10) - roasting the marshmallows quite hard when we first played the game and kept burning all of them.  Nonetheless, we got the hang of it eventually and are very good at this particular task now having practiced it many times. 

Cooking Mama certainly keeps you focussed at all times because you really don’t want all your hard cooking efforts to go to waste.  The game teaches you how to cook interesting recipes and is a brilliant starting point for all beginners.   In fact, it teaches you how not to cook as well, which is equally as important.  For instance, we thought that it would be ok to crack an egg really hard several times in the middle, but the game obviously taught us that is that there is a skill to this task and you have to crack the egg very gently or else it will end up on the floor. 

We also thought that it was fine to mix several ingredients together really vigorously inside a bowl – basically we believed that being heavy handed with the hand mixer was ok.  Nonetheless, we soon learnt that if you don’t get the technique right i.e. mixing at the right speed, tapping the egg gently, sieving precisely and gently etc. that everything ends up on the cooking surface or on the floor – yes, we have to admit that we had a few disasters during some of our cooking practices.  It all adds to the fun of the game though and you soon learn to kerb your enthusiasm and pick up some useful techniques. 

We have given you some very useful tips that we spent a bit of time working out, so that you don’t have as many cooking tragedies as we did and score good marks right from the beginning.  It’s not a big deal if you make a few mistakes yourself; it is all part of the learning process.  Go ahead and try this recipe, no doubt your mum will be really pleased and impressed with what you have learnt and made.  Who knows, she might even end up asking you for some real help.

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