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Cooking Academy 3: What's On The Menu in the Third Edition?


Fame is just around the corner. With recipes that will leave you wanting more, from the best chefs at Cooking Academy, your cookbook is sure to be a best-seller and an international success. As you refresh your skills and learn the art of many of the finest recipes around today.

Not only will your cookbook success benefit you, but Cooking Academy is bound to become internationally recognized. The only catch is that you will be required to master these recipes, before we allow you to call them your own.

As you are well aware, Cooking Academy, takes its skills in the kitchen seriously, and if you cannot keep up with the heat, then there is no way that Cooking Academy will be able to help with your cookbook ideas. As a result, ensure that you put all your heart and soul into really mastering these tantalizing recipes that will keep everyone wanting more.

Getting Started

Click the play button to access the main menu options. You will first need to enter your profile name and then click “OK”.

The main menu consists of the following:

  1. Quit – if you want to exit the game.
  2. Awards – display shelves that have your trophies displayed. This will accumulate all the trophies and award that you will receive as you proceed through all the categories and accomplish various challenges.
  3. Options
  • Music Volume
  • Sound Volume
  • Mouse Speed
  • Custom Cursors
  • Full Screen
  1. Play – here is where you enter the game and begin to cook your way from one cooking category to another.
  2. Not you? Click Here – allows you to change or create additional player profiles.

The Plot

The plot is fairly simple - you want to create your own cookbook and you wish for your old friends to help. This is a chance for both you and Cooking Academy to shine. You shall receive the best recipes and as a result, your book will be a best-seller, and the Cooking Academy’s fame shall spread far and wide.

Sweet Tooth Recipes with Treacle Sweetly

To begin with, you will see chef Sweetly, who you will find in her favorite place, the Sugar Hall. Treacle Sweetly will be the first chef to share her recipes with you. These sugar recipes are bound to attract many people as they are most certainly undeniably scrumptious. Although it seems that everyone nowadays blames sugar for their weight gain and tooth decay, it is most certainly true that sweet tastes are an essential part of human happiness.

You will be required to complete all the sugar recipes with the highest star ratings possible. If your rating is not of a high enough standard, then you will be required to try again, so be sure to concentrate on it the first time. You will need to successfully complete the following sugar recipes:

  • Marshmallows
  • Sugar on Snow
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Marzipan
  • Caramel Apples
  • Fudge
  • Sugar Cookies

After completing all of the sugar recipes that are mentioned above, you will receive an award for your achievements. The award will be presented to you in bronze, silver, gold, or crystal, depending on the average number of stars that were scored on each recipe. Therefore in order to receive the best award possible it is essential that you score to the highest of your ability on each recipe that you tackle. In order to achieve a high star rating, you will be required to score the highest number of points for each step of each individual recipe.

Sugar Exams

So there is no time for messing about and you will need to really concentrate to accomplish a great score. After you have completed all the recipes, you are not quite finished yet. You will then need to take the sugar exams and you will need to pass all of these in order to be allowed to progress to the next section of the cooking categories. The sugar exams are challenging and you will be required to put many of the toughest skills to the test, however passing these exams will prove that the sugar category of your cookbook is truly synonymous with your name.  The sugar exams will include the following:

  • Shell Peanuts
  • Dip Caramel Apple
  • Catch Marshmallows
  • Spread Peanut Brittle

Once you have completed the above sugar exams, you will be allowed to use the recipe and call it your own, as well as progress to the next cooking category.  The next cooking category is produce.

Harry Coviar: Your Produce Instructor

Your produce instructor will be Harry Coviar. He suggests that if you want to show the world the best recipes around, then it is important that you look no further than the Earth itself. In order to produce the finest meals that will be sure to satisfy the tastes of many people, then proper knowledge of both fruits and vegetables will assist you in this matter.

Harry is adamant that he will accept no less than mastery of nature’s harvest.   In the produce category for your cookbook, Harry will request that you complete all the necessary recipes with an excellent standard. The produce recipes include the following:

  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Pickles
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Spicy Guacamole
  • Potato Chips
  • Coleslaw
  • Apple Butter

Congratulations! Once you have passed all your produce recipes, by accumulating the required number of points, you will receive a trophy for your accomplishments.  This will be displayed in bronze, silver, gold or crystal depending on your overall star rating.

  1. 5 stars on all recipes – Crystal
  2. 4 stars on all recipes – Gold
  3. 3 stars on all recipes – Silver
  4. 2 stars on all recipes – Bronze

Tricky Produce Exams

Once you have completed the recipes and received your award, the challenging part of this food category will emerge. You will be required to pass 4 exams before moving on to the eggs section of the cooking categories. The produce exams consist of the following skills and recipe of which you will need to master in order to score the highest ratings possible.

  • Peel Sweet Potatoes
  • Slice Avocados
  • Juice Lemon
  • Spread Apple Butter

Once you have completed the produce exams and passed them all with the highest rating possible, you will move on to the third section of the cookbook categories, eggs.

Eggs Can Do Some Wonderful Things!

Uffie Pullet will be teaching you some recipes that are based on her favorite ingredient: the egg. Eggs are able to be used in both dishes as well as sweet desserts. By the time you have completed this category, you will be absolutely amazed at all the things you are able to make with a simple egg. You will learn the art of making 7 completely different dishes and desserts that will keep you wanting more. The 7 egg recipes include the following:

  • Meringues
  • Hollandaise
  • Sausage Omelette
  • Zabaine
  • Croquet-Madame
  • Tapioca Pudding
  • Quiche

Once again after successful completion of the egg recipes, you will receive an award for successfully completing the recipes and working hard to achieve to the best of your ability. As we know, it is also best to showcase the grandest awards. Therefore ensure that you score high in order to receive nothing less than gold and crystal awards.

Egg Exams

Once you have received your award for the completion of the egg recipes, you will be required to pass the egg exams. These exams will be sure to test your skills, while racing against the clock to achieve an excellent rating. You will be put under pressure here and it will take concentration and dedication to come at the top. The egg exams include the following tasks and challenges:

  • Pour Quiche
  • Spread Butter
  • Catch Croque-Madame
  • Form Meringues

These will test your skills and what you have learnt during the recipe stages. They will require you to race the clock and try and accomplish as much as possible in the time that you are given. However, once you have passed all the recipes, you will be allowed to move on to the next category. The next section will test your skill with regard to seafood.

Finn Murphy: You’re Sea Food Instructor

Finn Murphy will be your seafood instructor for this section of the course. Finn argues that everyone seems to be diving in to get the best of everything, not knowing that the best only comes if you have both patience and talent. It is now your turn to show your talent in the seafood recipes. You will be required to get your hands messy and really get stuck in. It is now your turn to prove that your skill goes far beyond that of any other.  The seafood recipes will include the following:

  • Crabcake Burger
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Fried Clam Strips
  • Seared Ahi Tuna
  • Crab with Pasta
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Tuna Melt

Again you will receive an award for accomplishing all of the above seafood recipes. By this stage in the game, we expect that you have perfected many of the skills that have been repeated. Therefore you should be seeing an improvement in your scores. The more you practice the better you will become so don’t not worry if it is taking you a little longer. You are always able to replay the game if you feel that you are able to improve your score or simply want to provide yourself with a challenge and attempt to better your previous score.  

Seafood Exams

After you have completed the recipes, you may think that it is the end of the seafood category, but don’t be so certain, as you will first need to pass all four of the seafood exams before you will be allowed to move on to the next section. The seafood exams will include the following:

  • Slice Crabs
  • Roll Crabcakes
  • Tear Lettuce Leaves
  • Plate Shrimp Cocktail

Once you have managed to successfully pass the seafood exams and you are satisfied with your results, you will have finally finished the seafood section and you will be able to move on to the next section, the Dairy house.

After the diary house, you will also need to complete chicken beef and baked goods. These categories will also consist of both the recipes as well as the exams. Therefore you will need to complete all 8 of the Cooking Academy houses, before you can finally go away and complete your cookbook.


As you progress through all 8 cooking houses searching for the best recipes, you will be required to complete all the recipes as well as pass the exams for each section. You will be required to master the recipes, before you will be allowed to put them in your cookbook.

It is essential that any chef that writes a cookbook is able to complete the recipes better than anyone else. You will receive a star rating for each recipe depending on the number of points that you scored for each step. These points will all be added together in order to give you a grand total. This grand total will then be reflected with your star rating. The points will gradually accumulate as you complete each step and you will also receive a time bonus for completing the step before the time on the clock had run out. It is important that you score high on each step for each individual recipe as this will ultimately result in which award you will receive at the end of each cooking category.

In Conclusion

As you progress you will find that some recipes are a great deal more challenging than others, however with concentration, determination and practice, there is no reason why you cannot achieve the highest score and rating for each category. This is a game that will keep you hooked from the moment you begin. Cooking Academy 3 may keep you occupied for a substantial amount of time; however you are always able to exit and then begin again from where you left off. You will be sure to see yourself improve as you progress from one section of the game to another. It provides you will a challenge, but also allows you to play simply for enjoyment.

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