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A Look at the Cuisine Choice in Cooking Academy 2: Exciting World Cuisines At Your Finger Tips


Welcome to the annual World Culinary Workshop. The workshop will be hosted by the infamous Henri Formage. This workshop will present you with numerous world renowned chefs from around the world, who will impart their culinary knowledge on to you. As I am sure most of you are aware, the student who scores the highest average grade on their qualifying exams at the end of the workshop shall receive $1,000,000 from the World Culinary Board in order to start up their very own restaurant. I am quite aware that some of you may feel that you already know how to cook, but this workshop will force you to learn and perfect new culinary styles from around the world.

Trophies to Achieve

As you make your way through the game, you will receive trophies for various achievements. One of the reasons for achieving these trophies is for accumulating a certain number of recipe points. These trophies are available in bronze, silver or gold, depending on the number of points you have accumulated. These points will continue to mount up and as a result, through hard work and dedication, you may eventually be able to reach gold status. The number of points that need to be accumulated in order to receive a trophy is as follows:

  • 10000 recipe points – Bronze Trophy
  • 20000 recipe points – Silver Trophy
  • 35000 recipe points – Gold Trophy

The Different Restaurants to Cook In

The first restaurant that you will visit is a Chinese Restaurant, where you will be required to cook traditional Chinese cuisine, before moving on to cook Italian Cuisine. Once you have completed cooking the Italian cuisine recipes, as well as passing all the exams, you will be able to progress to the next portion of the workshop, American.

American Cooking Challenge

Anita Betterpot is going to teach you how to cook a variety of dishes that are popular in the United States. American cuisine finds its origin in the colonial period, when European Settlers from a wide range of origins shared their native cuisine with each other, and with the Native American tribes already residing there. This makes American cuisine one of the most exciting to cook. You will be required to prepare and cook the following traditional American meals:

  • Teriyaki Burger
  • Crab Cakes
  • Jambalaya
  • Hot Dog
  • Cream Doughnut
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Bananas Foster
  • BLTA

Once you have completed all of the above recipes, you will receive a trophy for your hard work and determination that was put towards accomplishing such fin results. The trophy, of which you will be awarded, will be displayed in the form of one of America’s most notorious landmarks, the Statue of Liberty. This will be awarded in bronze, silver, or gold, depending on the average number of stars you received for all your recipes.

Your American Cuisine Exam

Once this has been achieved, your last step with regard to completing the American portion of the workshop will be passing your American cuisine exams. These exams will include the following:

  • Fill Doughnuts
  • Husk Corn
  • Peel Shrimp

After successfully passing all your American exams, you will be allowed to progress to the Indian portion of the workshop. This is an extremely fun portion of the workshop and shall provide entertainment as well as challenges.

Indian Cooking Challenge

Sandesh Singori will be instructing you in the preparation of Indian cuisine. He studied and worked as a chef in Bangladesh before opening his own restaurant. The climate in India is very diverse, with areas of tropical vegetation not far from snow-capped mountains, giving Indian cuisine a broad range of ingredients contributing to its unique and exotic flavors. The Indian recipes that you will be required to complete, include the following:

  • Samosas
  • Butter Chicken
  • Mango Chutney
  • Naan
  • Kheer
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Poppadom
  • Saag Paneer

After completing all of the above Indian recipes, you will receive a trophy in the form of the magnificent and majestic Taj Mahal, which is identified with Indian culture and belief. This trophy will be presented in bronze, silver or gold, depending on what star ranking you received on average for all of the Indian recipes.

Your Indian Cuisine Exam

After completing the above Indian recipes, you will be required to pass the Indian exams, which consist of the following:

  • Cut Poppadom
  • Marinate Butter Chicken
  • Make Naan

After satisfactorily passing all the exams required by the course, you will be ready to move on to the Thai cuisine.

Thai Cooking Challenge

Thai cuisine will again encourage you to use many of your previously acquired skills, as well as learn some new and useful skills that may make cooking easier into the future.  Your Thai instructor goes by the name of Tom Yum. Thai is an extraordinary flavorful cuisine that has recently become very popular in many western countries. You will be required to complete 8 traditional Thai recipes, which range from green curry to chicken satay to mango sticky rice. After completing all of the 8 Thai recipes, you will receive a trophy in the form of an elephant. Your trophy will again be presented in bronze, silver or gold, depending on your overall average star ranking of which you received for all of the Thai recipes. You will also be required to pass the 3 Thai exams which include the following:

  • Peel Bananas
  • Grill Satayl
  • Peel Mangos

Once you have completed both the recipes as well as the exams for Thai cuisine, you will progress to the next international cuisine, Mexican.

Mexican Cooking Challenge

Mexican has a rich culinary tradition, with very flavorful food that is also fun to cook. Maria Cocina will be your instructor for the Mexican portion of the world cuisine workshop. You will need to complete all 8 of the Mexican recipes. These recipes range from the Chimichanga to Jalapeno Poppers to Fried Ice Cream. After completing all 8 of the traditional Mexican recipes, you will need to pass the 3 Mexican exams. Although these exams may seem a little challenging to begin with, there is no doubt that you shall soon master the art of them.

Japanese Cooking Challenge

Once you have completed the Mexican portion of the workshop, you will move on to learn the culinary traditions of Japan. Satsuma Imo will help you along as you explore Japanese cuisine. You will be required to complete 8 Japanese recipes, which include the following:

  • Nigiri
  • Tempura
  • Tonjru
  • California Roll
  • Chicken Katsu
  • Mochi Ice Cream
  • Tamago Nigiri

One you have gone through all the steps that are required in each recipe and scored high enough, you will receive a trophy in the form of a Pagoda and will be able to move on to the Japanese cuisine exams.

You will then need to successfully pass the three Japanese exams that will test the skills that you have been taught during the recipes.

French Cooking Challenge

After the exams have all been passed, you will progress to the eighth and final portion of the workshop. This portion will consist of recipes from France. Here, Henri Fromage will be educating you in the fine art of French cuisine. The French cuisine recipes that you will be required to complete, include the following:

  • Cream Puffs
  • Apple Tart
  • Soufflé
  • Coq au Vin
  • Tomato Spinach Crepes
  • Croque Monsieur
  • Chocolate Éclair

Once you have completed the above recipes, you will receive a trophy in the form of one of the most famous sites, which is situated in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. This will be presented to you for your outstanding accomplishments, and will be in bronze, silver, or gold, depending on the overall rating you received for all of the above recipes. The last task of the workshop will be your three French cuisine exams. Once these have been passed, you are finished with the workshop.

World Culinary Workshop Competition

You will be thanked for attending the annual World Culinary Workshop. I am sure that you will have learnt a great deal from the esteemed chefs. They will then announce the winner of World Culinary Workshop competition, who will receive one million dollars in funds towards their own restaurant. They will be handed a cheque, with the winner’s name displayed on it.

Time Based Cuisine Challenges

As you progress through the various cuisines that are offered in the workshop, you will receive a step by step instruction guide for each recipe. You will also be scored on each step in the recipe, which will contribute towards your total score for that particular recipe. You will be required to complete tasks such as cracking eggs, cutting certain foods, stirring ingredients, frying, among many others. You will be taught these skills, and then you will be required to complete them as quickly as possible in order to score bonus time points. There is a clock displayed in the top right hand corner, which will indicate the time you have, and will slowly tick away as while you are busy attending to the task at hand.

So now that you have the complete rundown on how the cooking academy works, simply relax and enjoy the experience. A really good cook makes it look so simply so there is nothing left to say except ‘ready, steady and get cooking’. May the best cook win!

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