Burger Shop 2 Game

Burger Shop 2: Rebuild Your Burger Restaurants

Imagine building a chain of superb burger restaurants only to wake up one day to find yourself inside a rubbish skip with a knock on the head while all your brilliant restaurants are closed up and in disarray. This is the story behind Burger Shop 2 the superb time management follow up game to BurgerShop. Your task now is to rebuild your former empire to its previous standing so that all eight restaurants are back in business.

Everyone in this game of course is in on the joke something you come to realise as you play along. Once again you have to take customer orders, select the correct ingredients from the conveyor belt, make the order up then serve it to the customer. As previously speed is of the essence so you need to serve customers quickly to keep them happy so they tip well consequently gaining you money so you can go on to the next level.

Upgrades are available so you can make your restaurants more profitable by serving drinks fries and desserts while the choice of over one hundred recipes makes for an interesting game after all just making sandwiches is no fun at all. There are great new menus such as eggs, sausages, muffins, waffles or cereals for breakfasts, salmon, steak or pork chops for dinner plus a variety of delicious desserts to choose from.

Your customers are very diverse too including a clown who orders all sorts of zany combinations, a customer who likes animals so will eat dog biscuits or a fat chap who comes in without a top on so you have to get him one quick smart before he puts all the other customers off.

The game has one hundred and twenty fabulous levels to complete so you certainly will not be bored plus you can replay levels to improve your score, swap modes such as from challenge to expert or expert to relax mode or just use the short cuts available to quicken things up. The graphics are great along with a quirky backing track making Burger Shop 2 a superb game to play.

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