Welcome to Cook Games the number one site for cooking games on the web. We feature the most interactive, fun and casual games where you play either the manager or head cook/chef of a restaurant or diner. There's plenty of original games to play, it's hard to choose which ones are the best but we have tended to put some of the exceptional games near the top of our home page.

The Papa series by Flipline Studios is a great example of a bunch of cooking games we really love and we think you will too. Here you manage a fast food place and cook/prepare foods of all kinds from pizzas and burgers to ice creams. Enjoy all of the great cook games and get stuck into cooking for customers now!

Some of our favourites:

Cooking Mama 3 for Nintendo DS

cooking mama 3

Start to become creative inside the kitchen with the Cooking Mama World Combo pack, second volume designed for Nintendo DS by Office Create.  You will learn about 80 different recipes that come from all over the world ranging from candy apples to tempura as you begin to customise your Mama, plus your kitchen with various treats and luxuries that you unravel whilst you progress in the game.

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Burger Rush

burger rush game

If you are looking for a burger game that will give you a break from all the time management and food preparation that other titles give, then you have found the perfect item. Hot off the pan is Burger Rush, a wickedly addictive match-the-icons game that gives you all the hustle and bustle of running a burger joint. Lead character Heidi is a big burger nut and acquires a run-down shack to turn into her perfect burger haven. Your task is to help her make her way to the top. This game brings interesting characters, a funny storyline and an absorbing gameplay system ?the perfect combination for an ultimate Burger Rush.

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Pizza Chef 2: Super Pizza Cooking

pizza chef 2 game

Get ready for the one of the best combo systems we have ever seen in a cooking game; Pizza Chef 2 is here and with its impressive gameplay and rich storyline, gamers are bound to get several hours of non-stop pizza serving enjoyment. The idea is simple, line up icons on the stove top grid to prepare a cooking area, drag the orders into the ignited spots and let the system handle everything else. But when you've got tons of orders coming in and the constant challenge of lining up matching icons to prepare more slots, it will take great eyesight, fast fingers and an even quicker mind to strategize the best use of drop-in combinations and power-ups to maximize your score. And yes, it still has that groovy soundtrack we loved from the original.

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